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ezscan.com understands the needs of today's internet users.  Whether creating a website, placing a personal ad, or chatting with the millions of people online; a picture can always do more for your you!

Utilizing the newest digital imaging technology, ezscan.com is able to provide a multitude of services for those who need items scanned and made available in any of the many graphic formats.  While many of our customers are those who exchange pictures in online chatrooms and online dating, we are capable of scanning items for many other purposes. Please also keed in mind that although we list 3 different "types" of scans, there are enhancements and other features available for our "regular scan." Also be sure to take a peak at our "specials" section, as our great offers, benefits, and services are always being updated. For any questions regarding our services, feel free to e-mail us at;
[email protected]

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Regular Scan
As our most popular service, this is ideal for those wishing to have their photos scanned, and saved in an appropriate format for use on the web or exchanged through e-mail.  The default image format for this service is JPEG (filename.jpg), because of the small file size and optimum quality.  As listed, there are many uses for a scanned picture:

  • use picture for personal ad/dating service
  • use picture for selling items on auction site
  • use picture for a home page / web page
  • send picture to friends and family via e-mail
  • exchange pictures with people in chat rooms
  • attach pictures to office documents
  • create greeting cards and flyers
  • make wallpapers for your computer
  • digitally preserve photos for prosterity
  • + many more uses!            

Have all 5 pictures scanned at once, or send us one at a time.
(within 30 days)

[our regular scans cost only $2.00 per image, & there are discounts on both large & small orders]

Unless you specify otherwise, ezscan.com keeps a backup copy of your image for an entire month. In the event you accidentaly delete your copy of the image, simply notify us at [email protected] and we will email you another copy, absolutely free! Take a look at the following services which utilize images scanned using our "regular scan" service.

Photo Composite  [add $1.00 per composite]
Using images that you have had scanned, our photo composite service will place 4-6 images into one new image.  With a background color of your choice, we will crop each image as needed, and format them together into a great looking composite.

Photo Framing  [add $.25 per image]
Using images that you have had scanned, we are able to place a frame/border around each image.  Whether it's a solid color or pattern/texture, we will meet your demands.  With over 50 textures to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Text Addition  [add $.25 per image]
Using images that you have had scanned, we can add text to any part of an image in any font, and in any color.  Simply let us know where you'd like the text positioned along with the font name, size, and color.

All regular scans will be delivered via email, as soon as the work has been completed. (Usually within 1 business day, of photo arrival) If you would like your photo returned, simply include a self-addressed envelope with sufficent postage. ezscan.com also offers the following methods of receiving your images, in addition to email:  (Please note, ezscan.com does not return photos or ship products to addresses outside of North America.)

If you would like to send a Photo Disk or Photo CD with your images to someone else, simply let us know!

Photo Disk [add $3.00 per disk, includes S/H fees]
With this option, we are able to place between 25-35 (approx) images onto one 3.5 diskette. Each disk has a customized label, and is sent via first class mail.

Photo CD [add $12.00 per CD, includes S/H fees]
The Photo CD allows the storage of hundreds of images.  This is perfect for those with many images to be scanned, as they can be placed on CD. Please note, anyone who orders picture scans in bulk, will receive great discounts!

OCR Scan [$2.50 per OCR scan, however there are discounts on both large & small orders.]
This convenient service is for anyone with a document containing text that wishes to have the text elements of the document scanned and saved into a standard computer text document. Both business professionals and home users use this type of scan to transfer the contents of all of their already printed letters and publications back into an editable computer format.

Hi-Rez Scan
This service is very much similiar to the regular scan, however the item is scanend at a higher resolution.  Instead of 72 dpi, a perfect resolution for screen display, the image is scanned between 300-1200 dpi, depending upon your needs.  This Hi-Rez scan is perfect for printing of images, and available in many of the industries most popular formats. For more information such as current prices and specials for this service, please email
[email protected]

Print Ready Scan
Those requiring scans at an extremly high resolutions (1200-9600dpi) would want a print ready scan. Due to the large file size of the scan, each image is sent on a CD via US postal mail. Popular formats such as .IFF and .PSD as well as others are available, at your request. Our rates for this service vary depending upon the order, so if you are interested in obtaining a price quote, please send an email to
[email protected] and descibe what it is you are looking for.

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