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ezscan.com prides itself on ultimate service, affordable pricing, and excellent customer care. Below are portions of some e-mails from customers that have choosen to use ezscan.com, and whom are happy with our service and support.

Thank you for being in existince!  After sending my photo to be scanned, I was finally able to meet "Mr. Right" in an online chatroom.  The emotions between my new fiance and I are tremendous, and we will be sure to send you guys an invitation to our wedding! Thank you so very much, and best of luck in the future.  -A.H.

ezscan.com has made it EZ for me to sell items online. With auction sites like ebay, there is potential to make a lot of money selling my antiques!  Thanks to ezscan, I now am able to have all my merchandise scanned and placed on my website.  -J.D.

What a great site! My wife and I are so glad that our children were able to send us pictures of our grandchildren through e-mail.  We just sent in some photos to be scanned (from our vacation), and can't wait to see how well they look.  Images sent out in one business day, can't beat that! -P.L.

I feel like an idiot!  In the past 3 weeks I've managed to delete my images twice. Thank you for sending the duplicates out so fast and for being so understanding. I will definitly recommend you to anyone in need of scanning services.  -L.I.

As someone in todays business world, it seems I have so many old publications that need archiving.  Your OCR scanning was just the thing I needed, and affordable too.  Now I have everything archived in my word processor, and am able to get rid of all that clutter. Thank you. -D.T.

It's true, personal ads with pictures get looked at atleast 10 times more than those without. After including a picture in my personal ad, I received 12 new e-mails in the following next 2 days!  Your services are so fast and reliable, I plan to send some more pictures in next week!  -J.O.

When our scanners glass bed broke, my business was at a tremendous loss. While waiting for the replacement unit, ezscan.com had been extremly helpful in facilitating all of our scanning needs. Thank you so very much.  -S.T.

Chatting online can be so much fun, but not knowing who I'm talking with creates a mystery. Thanks to your services, I have been able to recommend your services to the people I meet online. These people who don't have pictures seem so eager to get their faces online, and it's great to see what some of them look like.  -K.G.

ezscan.com has made it possible for me to find another person into the same lifestyle as myself. After getting my photo scanned, I was able to post it on many of the alternative lifestyle dating services, and look forward to meeting someone whom I've been talking on the phone with for the past 3 weeks. You guys rock, keep it up! -R.F.

Your PhotoCD has made such a great gift! After getting all of my photo scans placed on CD, it's been so convenient to send them out as gifts. I especially enjoy your custom logo on the CD, and that S/H is free!  -F.D.

ezscan.com is one of the best sites I've come across.  While I have my own scanner, I feel your services and products can serve a large audience of people.  For those without the proper equipment, and those not wishing to spend $7-9 per scan at Kinkos, this is the perfect solution. I wish you the best of luck, and will definitly recommend you to all of my online associates who could take advantage of your services. -T.R.

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